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As a qualified website developer and Squarespace Authorised Trainer I'm passionate about web design and I strongly believe that websites should be a reflection of a business, not just a required presence. I aim to create simply stunning websites that businesses are proud of.

"Trusting Katie has been easy! Working with someone who takes the time to understand the needs of me and my business and implement strategies accordingly has been a breath of fresh air. She has taken my basic website to a fully functioning, performing platform which has now become a vital tool rather than just an online presence. I very much look forward to continuing our work together"


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Murphy Project Management

"Thank you for doing such a great job! We can always rely on you to get it done professionally and on time. We really appreciate it."

Skyline Consultants

I worked with Abe to further develop his site and make it more modern and professional.

Savvy Journey

"Katie always does a great job ontime and to plan, I highly recommend"

Base 181 Studios

Chantal at Base 181 Studios, in Australia, had a Squarespace site that needed updating to look more professional and modern. I worked on the site page by page, improving the design and developing the site to improve functionaility.

Joseph Farah

"Katie was a breeze to work with right from the start! She fully understood my project's requirements and delivered ahead of schedule. I would highly recommend Katie for any work you're looking for regarding Squarespace development. I plan on using her again in the future when more work comes up. Thanks again Katie!"

Vertigo Properties

Veritgo Properties updated site now has clear actions, looks modern and reflects the company well. I continue to work with Vertigo Properties on a regular basis to improve their site and make it the best it can be.

Recent Blog Posts

"Working with Katie was wonderful...she was so professional, speedy, and made sure to ask questions when she needed to...I can't recommend Katie enough, and I will work with her again for any future projects I may have."