Have you had a beautiful Squarespace site created but want to be able to manage it yourself and don't know where to start? This course is for you!

GBP 29.99

Having developed Squarespace websites for a wide variety of clients, I noticed all of them had one thing in common; they wanted to be able to manage their site themselves upon completion of development. The problem was that the majority had never used Squarespace before and found this a daunting task, often leading to them putting off updating their site and leaving it to become stale and outdated.

I have developed a user guide over the last year that provides these clients with everything they need to know about keeping their site updated from text and images through to URL and template changes, ensuring that even the most novice users feel confident.

Squarespace Badge


Course Overview:

Understanding your space

Navigation Panel

Style Editor


Adding to your site


Text Formatting



To add a page

To move pages

Deleting Content

Deleting blocks

Deleting pages


Adding blog posts

Categories and Tags


URL change


Publishing blog posts

Deleting blog posts


Add products

Pricing and Variants

Thumbnail and URL

Customising order emails

View and fulfil orders

Social Media

Connect accounts

Disconnect accounts

Connect Instagram shop

Tips and Tricks

Change template

Cancel the preview

Change logo or favicon

Add announcement bar

View your site on different devices

Contact the author

GBP 29.99