Wiscombe Park Hillclimb - DecoNetwork Development by Katie Hamling
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Wiscombe Park Hillclimb - DecoNetwork Development by Katie Hamling

Having worked with Rosie on her site for The Embroidery Barn, she asked if I would develop a site for one of her clients in DecoNetork. Given that Rosie is in the Embroidery business, DecoNework made perfect sense, it's a site she was used to managing and can easily process orders on.


The site is used as a way to manage orders from customers to The Embroidery Barn that then embroiders the logo on to complete the clothing.

All available items needed to be input to the back end of the site and the logo attached digitally so customers could see what each item would look like. Prices then needed to be worked out alongside VAT and postage.

With the backend set up to take customers orders, the design was important. Rosie has other stores similar to this so she wanted to keep the general design the same just tweaking little things like images and the colours used.

The site was on a tight deadline and was completed within a week. It's now set up ready to take orders!

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