Why you SHOULD compare your business to others

April, 2019

A quick google search shows hundreds of articles on why you shouldn't compare your business to others, but I'm here to tell you that you absolutely should. I'm not suggesting you spend all your time over analysing other businesses and listing reasons they're better than you but instead, suggesting that you can learn a great amount from seeing what other businesses in your sector are doing.

When we make comparisons we ofter do so negatively when really we should be using this task to see how we can improve and listing the things that put our business above our competition.

If you look at my business, there are thousands of other website developers out there, all offering similar services to me but I still make sure I spend time every now and then looking into what they're doing, how they're doing it and using this as a positive exercise to make me stand out from my competition.

When I first started developing websites, over two years ago now, I would often be disheartened to see my competition and thought things like 'they're doing so much better than me', 'my business is so small in comparison to theirs'. Now I look at other businesses and although, I'm still small in comparison to many, I think things like 'I'm glad I've still kept my service so personal', 'I love how different each of my clients websites are'.

To summarise, I think it's so important to check in with competitors every now and then, not to dishearten yourself or steal their ideas, but to remember what makes your business different.

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