Second Act Career Coaching

"All my other websites in the past were built using wordpress as Squarespace didn't exist then. Based on all the features that Squarespace included in a 'all in one' package I decided to build my site using Squarespace. After interviewing multiple web designers, most of which were very good, I chose Katie not only for her web design skills but also her ability in asking questions to determine what I really needed and her dedication and ability in going above & beyond the scope of my project and having everything come out better than anticipated.

I also did a soft launch of my website, to a variety of trusted professionals to get their opinion and all of them mentioned how professional the site was and easy to navigate.

To anyone looking to work with a Web Designer who knows Squarespace extremely well, meets deadlines & communicates well, I couldn't recommend Katie highly enough." Tim Hansen

I developed a Squarespace site using custom code for Tim Hansen, Second Act Career Coaching. The site was built from scratch and included:

Upon completion, I provided Tim with a fully personalised user guide that will ensure he is able to update and manage his site wihtout any further costs. This includes instructions for tasks such as how to create blog posts to how to add podcasts.