Why I recommend Squarespace

May, 2019

When starting out it can be dauting knowing where to start with your website. You'll have questions such as can I do this myself or do I need to hire someone? What platform should I host my site on? What even is hosting? In short, Squarespace is a platform that allows you to create a website without code (unless you want it to make it extra fancy) and it can give you a site that looks super professional without the hefty price tag of hiring a website designer, a website developer and then someone to manage the site and it's hosting after it's gone live.

As a website developer myself, it sounds counteractive of me to suggest Squarespace to people. Doesn't this take away from your work? Sure. Doesn't this mean people can make their own site without hiring you? Absolutely. But, my goal in website development has always been the same; to create sites for small businesses and leave them with the knowledge they need to manage the site themselves, meaning they eliminate the ongoing costs associated with website design and development. Squarespace sites can be set up quickly and can still use custom code to make them more personal where needed, but are so easy to manage afterwards that my clients feel confident (with the help of a guide) to make changes and update their site themselves.

A lot of website developers will try and sell you a fully hard coded site plus hosting for an obscene amount of money and because you don't know what the difference is, you think that's just what websites cost. With hard coded sites, unless you know code, you can't update them yourselves meaning every time you want any changes made, even if they're as simple as adding a photo, you have to go back to your developer and pay their hourly fee for something that will take no more than 5 minutes. With Squarespace, if you've chosen the right developer, you'll be able to make these changes yourselves within minutes, and save yourself money in the process. For this reason, I will always receommend Squarespace to people wanting to update their sites regularly.

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