Mistakes you're making with your Squarespace site
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Mistakes you're making with your Squarespace site

October, 2020

Whether you've created your Squarespace site yourself or had someone develop it for you, I've listed mistakes that people regularly make with their Squarespace sites.

Letting it become stale

Just because you've hired a developer to create your site or spent weeks perfecting it yourself doesn't mean once it's done, it's done. Your site will need regular updates to stop it going stale. This can be done with new products, blog posts or just a refresh once in a while. A good task here is to ask people for feedback on your site, what do they like and dislike, what did they struggle to find etc.

Not being aware of invariables

Your Squarespace site will display differently on various screens which isn't a bad thing (it needs to appear different on a mobile device for example) but there are certain aspects you will want to look the same. In my opinion the most important is font sizes. Squarespace will almost always default to pixels (px) for font size but you should change this to ems and here's why: pixels display differently on different screens, meaning what looks fine to you may not look fine to someone else! Ems are scalable units that respond to screen size meaning the font will scale and keep your site reader friendly no matter what the device.

Forgetting to check your mobile

Whilst Squarespace is very responsive, it's still important to check your site is displaying correctly on mobile devices. What looks great on your desktop and iPhone may not look as good on an Android - test as many devices as you can!

Default URLs

When you create a new page, Squarespace will automatically assign it a URL which you should change immediately. Sometimes the URLs are as simple as 'new-page' or 'blog1' which isn't what we want. You should change your URL to something easy to remember, descriptive and short.

Leaving the favicon

You'll have seen the Squarespace favicon (this is the browser icon that appears) it's a simple icon and is a give away sign that your site is made using Squarespace. You need to change this to something that is unique to your business.

Squarespace badge

When you create a Squarespace site there's a badge in the footer that says powered by Squarespace - remove this otherwise your site is left looking unprofessional.

Social sharing

When you share your site on social media an image will be shared with it. If you don't update this, the first image from your site will likely be pulled which isn't always relevant!

These mistakes don't take long to rectify so don't leave them too long. Spending a bit of time on your site could make it look 100% better!

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