"I worked with Katie to help me with some customisation of my company Squarespace site. I needed some custom coding to make small changes to a number of pages. She was friendly, responsive, understood my brief and asked all the right questions. When I asked for something that was beyond the constraints of Squarespace she was happy to offer alternatives and work arounds. I'd definitely recommend Katie and use her again" Keith Hancox

Lark Design Studio

Keith contacted me via LinkedIn as he needed someone that could custom code within Squarespace. He had already built a site but wanted to add some custom code to make his design more personal to his brand.

The first task was to make all the images on his home page full width with no white space so they became background images, but ensured the user could still click on them. This was done with a small amount of custom code to target the home page images, set them to full width and then remove padding (white space) around them.

image of home page

The second task was to go through all the code in the site and check it all made sense and was the most logical way of doing things. This was code that Keith had put into the site himself. It all made sense so I just tidied up the layout slightly and ensured there wasn't any better workarounds.

The final task was to add in a summary at the end of each blog post that showed recent blog posts. With this summary block in place I used custom code to target it, center the heading above it, add some padding and get rid of the arrows when showing on desktop view.

image of news block summaries

I really enjoyed working with Keith, he responded to emails very quickly, knew exactly what he wanted and was happy to take my advice. I look forward to working with him again in the future.