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Fran Barker Design

"Trusting Katie has been easy! Working with someone who takes the time to understand the needs of me and my business and implement strategies accordingly has been a breath of fresh air. She has taken my basic website to a fully functioning, performing platform which has now become a vital tool rather than just an online presence. I very much look forward to continuing our work together" Fran Barker

I have worked with Fran since April 2017 on both her website and social media to increase custom globally. This has included a number of tasks such as:


I continue to work with Fran on a weekly basis to improve her website and perfect her business. An example of this is adding a cookie banner to her site that fits her style and brand, complies with GDPR laws and makes sense to her. I enjoy working with Fran and the analytics are proof alone that what we're doing is really having an impact on her business.

Fran Barker Design