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"I've found working with Katie to be very efficient. She's reliable, full of enthusiasm and good advice! Over the last couple of months Katie has been there for me right when I needed work done quickly. Her input on how to develop the FORTH website has been very useful. She certainly knows her way around Squarespace. I would recommend any business looking for a trustworthy and helpful web developer to touch base with Katie, she will not let you down and will be a very good and dynamic way to grow your business!"

November 2017

I worked with Gary to develop his Squarespace website. Gary knew exactly what he wanted on his site and was eager to get started. The first two tasks were:

Implementing a logo throughout the site after deciding which of the logos best fitted

Forth Logo

Inserting a slideshow banner which displayed 8 images

Forth Banner

Since completing this work, Gary has already thought of other areas of the site he would like changed. Gary was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to completing more work for him in the future

December 2017

The next set of work I carried out involved improving various sections of the website:

In the Bedford template that Gary is using, it isn't immediately possible to add images next to excerpts. On his website, there is a news page that shows news article excerpts. Gary wanted images next to these and for the space between the excerpts to be smaller. In this Squrespace template, it is not possible to do either of these things without using custom code, so I created 2 sections of CSS to perform both of these tasks. By doing it this way, Gary will have no problem in the future adding images to these excerpts as it is now done automatically via the 'thumbnail' when uploaded, through the use of custom code.

Forth News


Forth News

Redesigning the client page based on a site that Gary had seen

Forth Contact

Adding client logos to each client section on the website

Forth Contact

Making the map smaller on the contact page and rearranging the contact details and opening hours to suit

Forth Contact

January 2018

Gary required a new page on his site to show the team at Forth. This was implemented with images, titles, names and descriptions.

Forth Team

August 2018

The Forth Representation website needed more development which included:

Forth Team