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Eject the Autopilot

"I was very impressed by Katie's professionalism and efficient approach to everything on our project.
Our social media presence is now much more credible and we are much better informed about how to navigate the many opportunities and pitfalls it presents.
Katie is very responsive and really listens to the needs of the clients before implementing bespoke strategies."

Stephen and Khaled wrote Eject the Autopilot in 2019 but needed help marketing it. In January 2020 they approached me to manage their social media for them. This included taking over their Facebook page and creating a new Instagram page.


With Facebook, it's important not to change things too quickly as the audience you've already built up will likely not recognize or like it. With this in mind, I studied what had already been posted to understand the tone of voice Stephen and Khaled were using and the type of content they were posting already. I then look at the posting schedule which was fairly inconsistent but it seemed that one post a week, on a Monday would work for them.

I will slowly introduce new content to the page whilst keeping posting times consistent over the new few months.


Stephen and Khaled didn't have an Instagram page for their book but were keen on getting one. I set the page up and did some research on what accounts to follow, who to interact with, what hashtags to use and the frequency of when to post. I took a different approach with the content for Instagram as this was a new account. I will post a mixture of book quotes, positive affirmations and reviews over the next few months.

I look forward to working with Stephen and Khaled and building their social media profiles.