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Squarespace have just released version 7.1 which has many differences from previous versions. It's more streamlined and easier to use but you will notice if the changes if you've used Squarespace before. This guide is to help you quickly navigate the new backend and help you build a new site easily.


This e-course is specifically targetted to those who want to start a new webiste in Squarespace version 7.1. The course uses detailed paragraphs and images to describe how to build all the basics of your site.

Squarespace Badge

Course Overview:

Know what version of Squarespace your site is using

Start a new site

The new backend of your site

Add new content

Add a page

Add content blocks

Title, logo and favicon

Add a site title

Add a logo

Add a favicon

Create a blog

Add your social media links

Change the image that comes up when you share your site

Change your URL

Change site styles

Add custom code

Contact the author